What is a Bail Bond?

A bail bond or surety bond is simply a monetary guarantee that a person who has been charged with a crime will appear before the court when they are ordered. Bail is a service mandated through the Constitution of the United States and the State of Texas to allow people accused of crimes to remain free until their trial. It is far easier for people accused of crimes to prepare their defense while out of custody, so bail is a benefit that allows people to ensure that when they have their day in court that they have all the information they need to protect themselves and their freedom. Once the bail amount is paid the accused person can leave jail, but with the promise of returning for their next court appearance. If they fail to do so or “skip” bail, they forfeit the amount of money they paid to the court and further endanger their case and their freedom. Once a bond has been posted, the accused is released from custody until his court hearing.

How Is Bail Posted?

For bail to be posted, a bond amount has to be set. Once bond has already been set, then a person usually has 3 options:

1. Cash Bond – A person can post a cash bond for the entirety of the bond amount. Sometimes this is the best option to pursue. If one does employ this option, an individual can post the cash bond at the bonding desk at the County where the individual was arrested. If an individual posts a cash bond the entire bond amount will be returned at the conclusion of the case. However, this option is sometimes not available because the bond amount may be either too high, or a figure that cannot be obtained on short notice.

2. Professional Bail Bond Company – one can employ a professional bail bond company to help obtain a jail release. If one employs this option, the individual usually pays the bail bond company 10% of the overall bond amount. This amount works like an insurance premium and will not be returned. .

3. Surety Bond – The Law Offices of Jesus R. Lopez, PLLC, has the authority to write surety bonds in Bexar County. Often, this can be the best option to pursue. If one does employ this option, usually the amount paid can also be applied, at least in part, to the legal fee of the case. An individual is then effectively avoiding having to pay twice, once to a bail bond company, and again to an attorney to pay for legal fees for representation.
How is the Amount of Bail Decided?

The courts are responsible for setting bail, but most people want to be released immediately as opposed to waiting up to three days to see a judge. In most jails, bail is set according to pre-set guidelines that specify bail amounts.
How much is the bail?

If you don’t have it, don’t worry, the bail agent can get it when they contact the jail. Once you know the bail amount, our agent will advise what it will cost to post bond and anything else required to expedite the defendant’s release.