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    Bail Bonds in San Antonio

    If you or someone you love needs assistance with a bail bond, we are here to help. Our bail bonds start at only 2% down, and we offer competitive payment plans. We make bail bonds affordable.


    Experienced Criminal Defense

    Facing criminal charges can have very serious permanent implications, including affecting your ability to maintain and obtain future employment. Learn how we can help you in your legal defense.


    Family Law/ Custody

    Family law cases are sensitive matters, where having competent representation can make the difference in terms of child support and custody, as well as division of assets.

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Why you should hire an attorney to post your bond


  Hiring the right bail bondsman is a difficult decision for anyone to make. The first thing that comes to mind when a loved one is in jail is what can be done to get them out. However, finding the right bail bondsman can make all the difference. Hiring an attorney to post the bail […]

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Questions About Bail Bonds


  Bail Bonds for San Antonio Q.The definition of a bail bond and its function are what? A. A bail bond is money guaranteed to a court in an attempt to ensure that the defendant will appear for all required court dates until the completion of the case.  Failure to act in accordance to these […]

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How To Pay for a Bail Bond


  Price is usually not an issue when the goal is to get out of jail. Whatever it costs is worth it to an incarcerated defendant or his or her family members. The reality, however, is that getting bail is an expensive matter. Law Offices of Jesus R. Lopez offers many ways to pay for a bail […]

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