What to Do After an Arrest

A lot of panic can consume a person whose loved one has just been arrested, but there is hope. After a person has been arrested, they will be ready their rights and taken to the Bexar County Magistrate. They will go in front of a judge who will read the charges to them and set a bond amount. Afterwards, they will be processed and their bond information will be available online.

The first thing to do after a person is arrested is contact a bail bonds company to see if they can assist you in obtaining information about bond and what the cost is to get the person out of jail.

There are different types of bonds, and the magistrate will set a bond according to what the judge finds to be appropriate for that case. It may take a few hours before a person is fully processed before they can make bail. The main support phone number to the Central Magistrate in Bexar County is 210-335-6111.