How To Find Out Someone’s Bail Amount in San Antonio

#1 Call the county courthouse. The front section of your phone book will have a list of local services and agencies. If you do not have a phone book you can find local court information online. Once you get in touch with the courts, the clerk will ask you a series of general questions about the person you want to bail out and his case. These are basic questions like name, address and date of birth. In some cases the clerk may ask for a case or inmate number. Once you answer these questions the clerk will be able to tell you the person’s bail amount.

#2 Consult with your attorney. If the case requires the use of a lawyer, the courts must advise your attorney of what her client’s bail amount will be. When contacting your attorney be prepared to answer general questions like name or date of birth. Once your case is located, the lawyer or staff member be able to tell you the bail amount. You may even get advice on how to post the person’s bail.

#3 Call a bail bondsman. A bail bondsman is a person or service who will post a person’s bail on the conditions that the bail amount be paid back to the bondsman after a certain length of time and that the person fulfills all of his court obligations. When you hire a bondsman, he will contact the courts to find the exact bail amount.