Can I get my bail bond money back refunded?

It is possible to get bail bond money refunded if you pay a cash bond to the Bexar County Sheriffs Office. When a person is arrested and bail is set by the Magistrate, that full amount can be paid up front to Bexar County as an assurance that a court date will be made. When the case is resolved, whether its dismissed or or a jury trial or plea, that bail bond money can then be released to the defendant. It is important to understand that if you post a bail bond money for someone else, that money will be returned to them.

Many people cannot afford to post bail in its entirety. Especially when dealing with cases where bail is set at thousands of dollars, coming up with such a large sum in a small amount of time is pretty difficult. This is when using a bail bond services becomes critical to gaining freedom. The bail bondsman will post the full amount in exchange to charging a fee. That fee itself is not refundable.

Jesus R. Lopez

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