What is a Motion to Revoke Bond?

A motion to revoke bond is a bond posted specifically for a person charged with a Motion to Revoke. A Motion to Revoke is a motion filed by the District Attorney’s Office asking the court to remove or alter a person’s probation conditions. The Motion to Revoke itself will list violations that the District Attorney is alleging were committed by a defendant that is or was on probation. In essence, it is a motion asking the court to no long keep the person on probation, and instead sentence them to jail or prison. Once a Motion to Revoke is filed, a judge will review the motion and order a warrant be issued for the person on probation. Many times in Bexar County, the judge will set what is called a “no bond” or “remanded without bond.” Otherwise a bond will be set by the judge and the warrant will be issued. In order for the person to be released before the hearing, a motion to revoke bond will need to be obtained. In San Antonio, this can be done through the pretrial satellite office.

Getting a Motion to Revoke does not necessarily mean that the person will end up getting sent to jail or prison. However, at the minimum it is a wake up call that probation needs to be taken much more seriously. We encourage people with outstanding Motions to Revoke to address any warrants immediately as failing to take responsibility over probation will only lead to additional violations. The longer a person is on the run, the more likely that jail or prison will be the end result.

Jesus R. Lopez

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