How to Find Out Someone’s Bail Bond Conditions

When a person is out on bond, they will normally have some type of conditions attached to their release. Most normal conditions include not leaving the county without permission and not picking up any new cases.

The conditions can stem from the court where the case is pending or can be the result of a contractual obligation with a bail bond company.

When a court releases someone on bond, they may set bond conditions at that time. For assault cases, it is very common to have a no contact condition with the alleged victim. Some more serious offenses will require electronic monitoring while out on bond. This is essentially house arrest until the case is resolved. Some people are required to report periodically to a pretrial officer for drug testing or further monitoring. For DWI cases bond conditions typically can require a person to obtain an ignition interlock device in the vehicle or SCRAM device at home.

When a bail bond company posts a bond for someone they often require that person to meet certain conditions to remain on the bond. They often times require reporting of some sort whether it be in person, by phone, or other electronic reporting.

To find out someone’s bail bond conditions, you would contact either the bail bond company or the pretrial officer for the person out on bond. The court clerk may also be able to provide information over the bond conditions.

Jesus R. Lopez

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