What is an MTR Warrant?

An MTR Warrant stands for a Motion to Revoke Warrant. An MTR warrant means that a Motion to Revoke Probation has been filed by the district attorney and the judge in the case has issued a warrant based on that motion. The Motion to Revoke asks the court to revoke or take the person off probation and sentence them to a term within the range of punishment for their original offense. A person charged with a Motion to Revoke is entitled to a hearing in which the judge will decide if any violation of the terms of probation has occurred. If the judge finds that a violation has occurred, it is then the judge’s discretion whether to revoke the probation, modify the terms of probation, or simply continue the person on probation without any consequences. It is important for a person who has an MTR warrant to act quickly to take care of the warrant. The longer a person remains on the run due to an MTR warrant, the more violations will happen because the person will not be reporting to the probation officer. A person facing an MTR Warrant is often remanded without bond.

Jesus R. Lopez

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