What is a Satellite Bond and how does it work?

Satellite Bonds

A Satellite bond has nothing to do with outer space. The Bexar County Sheriff’s office has made it convenient for people with open warrants to take care of them. There is a satellite office, or an additional office, to pretrial services located in the basement of the Bexar County Courthouse. Instead of having to go through the booking process at the Magistrate’s office, a person with an open warrant can be booked, processed, and released at the satellite office. This makes taking care of a warrant much faster and easier. The phone number to the satellite office is 210-335-2592.

When talking about a satellite bond, it means a bail bond processed through this satellite office of pretrial services. If you are interested in taking care of a warrant without the hassle and time required to go through the Central Magistrate, you would find a bail bondsman, who would then give you the bond paperwork. You would then take the bond paperwork to the satellite office and get released right there and then. The satellite office is something that is exclusive to San Antonio, Texas, and may not be available in other counties. You must have a bond set in order to be able to go through the satellite office.

Jesus R. Lopez

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