Why you should hire an attorney to post your bond

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Hiring the right bail bondsman is a difficult decision for anyone to make. In Texas, Sec. 1704.163 of the Texas Occupations Code allows an attorney to post bail on behalf of a client. An attorney may post a bond as long as the attorney is licensed to practice and at the time the bond is executed or the person acts as a surety, files a notice of appearance as counsel of record in the criminal case for which the bond was executed or surety provided or submits proof that the person has previously filed with the court in which the criminal case is pending the notice of appearance as counsel of record.

The first thing that comes to mind when a loved one is in jail is what can be done to get them out. However, finding the right bail bondsman can make all the difference. Hiring an attorney to post the bail bond not only is convenient and can save money, but it can also help preserve valuable legal rights.

First, when someone is facing criminal charges, having an experienced attorney is pivotal to getting a good outcome in the case, whether that be a dismissal or a plea agreement. The faster and attorney can get involved in the case, the more effective that representation can be. When it comes to gathering evidence for an effective defense, time is of the essence. It is important that witnesses be spoken to before they forget what they have seen. There could be other pieces of evidence that may go unnoticed or destroyed. An attorney can assist in preserving that evidence. By hiring an attorney at the onset of the arrest, you can ensure that you are doing everything to assist in the criminal defense.

Another reason to hire an attorney to post a bond, is that more often than not it will save you money. Attorneys can sometimes include the bail bond at a reduced rate or free as part of the criminal defense service. Otherwise a separate bail bond company would have to be paid, in addition to hiring an attorney. Why pay for two separate services when you can have one do it all for less money?

Hiring an attorney for the bail bond will save you time also. Instead of having to visit different places for making bail payments and visiting with attorneys, it can all be done in one place. If you are like most people, and have a full time job, children to take care of, and other matters to attend to, time is a very valuable commodity. This is whether having everything done from one office can be a big help.


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Hiring an attorney for a bail bond can be especially effective where there is no bond set. Sometimes, a judge will deny a bond for someone or set the bond at an unreasonably high rate. The US Constitution gives everyone the right to be free from excessive bail. An attorney can file a motion to either have a bail amount set or to have the bail amount reduced. This is something that can bail bond company would not be able to do. The advantage of having the attorney handle this matter can make the difference in enforcing those constitutional rights.

Finally, when deciding on a bail bondman, do your research and make sure that the company or attorney you are selecting is reputable.



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